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Our Mission is to enhance the effectiveness of The Monero Project and its community, by connecting people with the supports and services essential, for efficient learning & researching the project, actively contributing to it or just benefiting the most from, what Monero has to offer.
Because, in such a dynamic working environment like crypto-currencies, knowledge management is crucial. To maintain a high performing community, it is important, that all people have access to the existing relevant knowledge. We hope to support the Monero community, by building infrastructure, that support the efficient management of project-related knowledge and creates a healthy information-sharing culture, that will give Monero a competitive edge.

Our Projects

commons.xmr.biz - Monero Commons Repository

Monero Commons is a media repository, that provides a central archive for freely licensed photographs, diagrams, animations, spoken text, video clips and other media files.
With the intention of building connections and collaborations across developers, users and stakeholders by making Monero-related media content easily available and acting as common repository.

people.xmr.biz - Monero People Directory

The Monero team is composed of a core team and quite a few active community members. people.xmr.biz is a comprehensive directory of all our contributing community members (incl. function, specialization & contact info), ordered by contributor type-categories.
The aim of this page is to support & improve the project's organization and work experience of contributors (e.g. by avoiding non-productive tasks & connecting the right people). This enables efficient communication, faster knowledge sharing and stimulates collaborations in the community.

labs.xmr.biz - Project & Business Incubator

Our Monero Link Directory features curated links to important Monero resources, services and webpages. The links listed in this directory are selected on the basis of recommendations by the Monero Core Team. We also rely on input from our community of Monero users for suggestions.

[Old Project idea] Monero Missives Archive - Concept: A dedicated website, as central archive for all releases of Monday Monero Missives. Missives are the weekly, official newsletters, written by the Monero core team. (Possible features: topic index on all articles, useful additional meta data, different formats and quality, search, related material, statistics, community contributions, translations, ...)

Contact & Authors

Request changes, got a question or want to supply additional informations? Send an email to admin@xmr.biz or find us on #monero-dev on the Freenode IRC network. We are happy to help you.

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